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Upcoming Paint Out Days

Tired of painting indoors or just looking for new and interesting subjects in  Southampton or even a little further out? Whether you want to find a quiet spot by yourself or paint alongside others, our Paint Out Days offer the perfect plein air opportunity to be inspired by our city in the company of fellow artists.

All levels welcome, grab your paints and paper or canvas and join us!


Cobden Bridge



21st September, 2023


● Thursday, 21st September

Meeting 10am
Cobden Bridge, SO17 2JY
Nearest parking is next to Cobden Mead
ows Play area.
Plenty of cafes around the Victorian Clock Tower, SO18 1NN

           All welcome


Royal Victoria Chapel



8th October, 2023

Royal Victoria Chapel, Southampton
Royal Victoria County Park has its own parking, cafe and restrooms.
Meeting 10am next to the Chapel entrance.

           All welcome

Milebuilding Club.jpg
Screenshot 2023-09-10 193402.png

The Mile Building Club



19th October, 2023

 SO14 2AQ
Nearest parking is Triangle Car Park, SO14 2HJ

 Starbucks is around the corner for drinks and snacks
Meeting 10am (see exact location on the map)

           All welcome

Screenshot 2023-09-09 215645.png
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