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Southampton Art Society Spring Exhibition


Welcome to the submission page for our Spring Exhibition, 2024  Members are welcome to submit  works. Payment can be made by card, cash or bank transfer

If you are not able to fill in the form, please email or speak to Di Troughton at the next meeting.

Please read and agree to the general rules before submitting. The deadline for submissions is  the 14th February, 2024


Dates for your diary:

Handing in: Friday 8th March Time 9am                             

Collection TBC

We hope to have a presence/table during the day on the 8th March. 

Hand in and collection are both at the

IVCP Cafe. 

Payment for hanging fees may be made by cash, card or bank transfer by the 8th March. Please contact the Treasurer (Lyn Harper) on 07703277850  or at the February meeting if you are not able to use any of these methods.

Please select payment method:

Payment will be taken when you bring your work for hanging. If you wish to pay before this, please contact the society or bring payment to the next meeting (February 19th)

Hanging fees are £5 per picture.

No works wider than 70 cm. There is no length restriction,

Please note the exhibition is not continuously supervised; insurance is the responsibility of the artist  Please note, the society deduct a commission of 10% in the event of your work selling, on top of 10% commission to IVCP. IVCP will take payment  on the artist's behalf, SAS will reimburse artists 80%. Please bear this in mind when pricing your work.

Your second choice is an optional back up title, please do not bring to the hanging on 8th March as we cannot store these.

Thanks for submitting!

Please contact a member of the committee if you wish to submit more than four pieces. Sculptures, freestanding works and  frames larger than  80 x 60 may be accepted but please contact a member of the committee to discuss.  You may be asked to provide an easel.


General Rules for Exhibiting:


  1. Members are welcome to exhibit up to five framed works and any number of portfolios, sculptures, cards and all types of craftwork, subject to available space.

  2. Entries must be the artist’s original work. Photographs and original prints (when permitted) are to be labelled according to the method of printing: etching, lithograph etc.

  3. Framed works should be secured firmly in their frames. Glazed works should be secured with metal clips, veneer pins, etc and covered with brown gum strip or masking tape. For everyone’s safety, nails or pins should not pierce the covering material. Thin plastic tape is not recommended and oil paintings must be dry.

  4. Clip frames may only be accepted on certain types of work, but only by prior agreement with the exhibition co-ordinator (Marieta Sotirova).

  5. Framed works should normally have two ‘D’ rings or other flat hanging device fitted one-third of the way down from the top moulding and strung with taut woven picture cord or picture wire. Fringed ends of wire to be covered with safety tape.

  6. Glass should be clean inside and out. Mouldings and mounts should not be damaged. Please make sure that the backs of works are labelled with the artist’s name, address, medium and price or NFS. Please also print your name and title of work on a luggage label or card attached to a length of string and attach the loose end to the back of the work and hand in with the label hanging to the front.

  7. Portfolio items should be mounted, backed and wrapped in clear plastic or cellophane and labelled clearly with the name, title and price. Cards should also be wrapped, labelled, titled and priced individually.

  8. 3D works, sculpture, ceramics and art glass and artwork should stand securely on a flat surface. Works that are unsecured, dangerous or possibly offensive are possibly offensive will be rejected.

  9. Electronic and video artworks and those which require plumbing (when permitted) must be in accord with legal safety precautions.

  10. Exhibits should be dropped off and collected within the times designated. If this is not possible, please contact the exhibition co-ordinator as soon as possible before collecting day. You will normally be required to sign for your work before removing it, unless it is sold.

  11. If you price your work for purchase, please consider the importance of presentation and safety. Some customers will litigate over the least injury incurred through bad workmanship. Make sure your work is secure and looks good.

  12. Our exhibitions are varied and may be mounted in a variety of commercial and public sites, which may have their own rules on safety. We must take these into account.

  13. Insurance of the work at our exhibitions is the responsibility of the artist.

  14. Please note that all artwork submitted for exhibition must comply with the general rules. Artworks that do not conform to the general rules may not be exhibited.

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